Old faded roofs can be brought back to life with a little paint. Adding a fresh new look and colour back to your home.

Take a look as this concrete tiled roof, where we pressure cleaned the existing roof tiles, replace any cracked tiles, replaced the old faded barge boards and sprayed on a durable acrylic roof paint. This house now looks brand new again.

Existing building
NEW Colorplus roof sheeting – Rain Forest Green

Very often our clients request that we simply replace their old rusted roof sheets for new. There are two pre painted hot-dip galvanised steel sheets that we commonly use;
– Chromadek which is manufactured by ArcelorMittal in JHB; and
– Colorplus which is manufactured by SAFAL Steel in Cato Ridge, Durban.
Both are equally suitable for our KZN climate. Colorplus has the advantage that it is manufacture locally, so is easier from a logistical point of view for KZN clients.

The process:

As this is a relatively big undertaking for a home owner, we recommend using this as an opportunity to replace the timber purlins (which if done during this process would be a smaller additional cost and would prevent a further expense at a later time).

The project duration for a standard 3 or 4 bedroom home will take approximately 5 to 10 working days, depending on the complexity of the roof. And the owner can remain living in the home during this time.

So in summary the scope of work is as follows:

  1. Remove existing roof covering
  2. Add additional bracing as required and install new timber purlins and foil underlay
  3. Install new roof sheeting, flashing and ridging
  4. Install new fascia boards
  5. Install gutters (by other)

We recently completed a roofing project in the Kamberg area. Replaced existing roof sheeting with new Chromadek traffic green sheeting. Also replaced purlins and underlay. Giving this little farmhouse a fresh new look.

NEW Chromadek roof sheeting

NEW Chromadek Roof sheeting
Existing roof sheeting

We recently replaced the roof tile underlay ( waterproofing membrane) and battens on this old house in Winston Park.

Step 1: The roof tiles were carefully removed and pressure cleaned.

Step 2: Remove all battens, install new underlay and battens.

Step 3: Re-install cleaned roof tiles.

This project took approximately 5 days to complete. The roof was left water light at the end of each day, and the owner was allowed to remain in the house for duration of project.