Cleaning roof tiles

It is important that home owners maintain their roofs on a regular bases to help prolong the life of the roof and keep it water tight.

I have listed below a few of the basic roof maintenance tasks a home owner can do. This should be done at least once a year. A good time would be during the winter months. By doing this regularly once or twice a year the owner will become familiar with the overall condition of their roof, and foresee and budget for future repairs.

  1. Remove all moss, leaves, branches and other vegetation that has accumulated on the roof covering over the past 12 months, using a strong brush or broom, or a high pressure cleaner. The large growths of moss in between roof tiles prevent the efficient flow or run off of rain water from the roof and may lead to roof leaks on a low pitch roof.
  2. Clean all gutters and down pipes, removing any dirt and leaves. Especially valley gutters. This is a common cause of roof leaks below valleys
  3. Trim back overhanging branches from trees and bushes.
  4. Check overall condition of the roof covering. Cracked roof tiles, or faded roof sheeting, flashing around chimneys, roof sheeting screws and washes are free of rust. Check that roof screw washer rubbers are still in good condition.
  5. Check ridge tiles for cracks, or damaged cement mortar. Replace cement mortar, or (as a temporary measure) apply acrylic paint and membrane over ridge tile joints.
  6. Clean fascia, barge boards and gutters.
  7. Painting

Try and complete your roof maintenance well before the summer rain.

Care must be taken when working at heights and on your roof. The moss buildup can be very slippery when damp.

It would be a good idea to rather call in a professional roofing contractor like Grace Roofing to assist with roof maintenance if the owner feels they are not capable.

Grace Roofing are happy to assist with any of the tasks listed above. Contact us for a quote.


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High pressure clean or sweep your roof covering of all dirt, moss, leaves and branches. This will greatly assist in keeping your roof water tight during the rainy season.

Check ridge line for cracks in joints
Loose ridge tile needs new cement mortar
Clean all gutters and down pipes
Clean valley gutters and check flashing around chimneys
Replace rusting roof screws

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